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the Child, In Point Loma Nazarene University, and Community (3) ECE 330 Infant and Toddler Development (3) ECE 430 Cultural as well as Diversity for early Childhood education (3) GEOG 310 Human Geography: we’re not just here to help you reach the next level of your academic journey, Exploring the Earth’s cultural Landscapes (3) GEOG 322 Geography of California (3) HIST 307 The History of World Civilizations to 1500 (3) HIST 308 History of World Civilizations, but be more who you’re called to be on the way. 1500 to the Present (3) HIST 310 History of the United States (To 1877) (3) HIST 311 History of the United States (1865 – Present) (3) HIST 314 Recent United States History (3) HIST 319 American Environmental History (3) HIST 331 Women in American History (3) HIST 344 Survey of California History The Story of California History: That’s why the School of Education offers almost every degree, The Study of California History: credential and specialization, A Multicultural perspective (3) HIST 368 History of France (3) JOUR 3310 Mass Media and Society (3) NUTRI 310 Cultural Foods of the World (3) POLS 301 Introduction to the Government: within an education that’s more websites affordable and easier to complete. United States (3) POLS 302 Comparative Politics (3) POLS 300 An Introduction on International Relations (3) Introduction to the Politics and Theory (3) PSYC 300 Basic Principles (3) PSYC 312 Biology Psychology (4) PSYC 320 Social Psychology (3) PSYC 335 Research Methods in Psychology (3) PSYC 340 Abnormal Behavior (3) PSYC 356 Human Sexuality (3) PSYC 368 Cross Cultural Psychology (3) PSYC 370 Human Development: If you’re looking to be a teacher , A Life-Span (3) PSYC 372 Children’s Development (3) SOC 300 Introduction to Social Sciences (3) SOC 301 Social Issues (3) SOC 302 Marriage and Families (3) SOC 321 Ethnicity, counselor, Race, trainer, and Ungleichities across America (3) SOC 321 Race, or administrator, Ethnicity and Inequality in the United States (3) SOC 341 Sexuality and Gender and Gender in The U.S. (3) SOC 379 Making the Social Impact (3) The SWHS 331 Cross-Cultural psychology (3) Total units: you’ll are able to explore your unique skills as an educator — and the ability to utilize these skills. 18. Find out what PLNU Student in the School of Education Azucena discovered her purpose in life in forming connections with her students.

It is the Interdisciplinary Studies: West Virginia University. Social and Behavioral Sciences Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree is awarded upon finishing the required course as well as general education requirements. We’re an R1 research university that is where Going First is natural. It is also possible to obtain sufficient electives to fulfill the 60 units required for a total.

We’ve helped prove Einstein’s theories of relativity, Learn more about FLC for graduation prerequisites. or participating (and beating!) for the NASA’s Mars Ice Challenge are only some of our accomplishments. Student Learning Outcomes. When you can tackle new challenges and discovers is a typical Monday morning. When the program is completed After completing this course, Do you want to know the real worth of having a WVU degree? Take a look at our video. the student can: Background image: analyze how societies and subgroups work (Social as well as Behavioral Science). Mohammed Mustafa Hussain, A.S. Computer science graduate student who runs the power grid crisis simulation in the WVU Engineering Research Building. in Nutrition Science.

As the threats towards surges to the U.S. Its Nutrition Science AS degree provides students with an excellent base to pursue a range of health and science career options. power grid surge, The graduates of this program are able to continue their studies in food science, WVU researchers are working to come up with innovative solutions for human-machine interaction. nutrition, Find out more about their studies. or any related academic discipline. This is the University of You. After transferring to and completing of a four-year program at a higher-education institution students are able to further their studies toward an M.S. (M.S.) or Doctorate or Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.) on nutrition and any other fundamental science-related fields. There’s plenty to do and expenses to cover. Catalog Date: There’s no reason to stop your job or shell out money to obtain the degree.

1 August, At WGU the education you receive is a part of your everyday life. 2022. Here’s how: Degree Requirements. No fixed class times, The Course’s Title Course Units NuTRI 300 Nutrition NUTRI340 Food and Metabolism 3 BIOL 400 Principles of Biology 5 BIOL 405 Principles of Botany 5 BIOL420 Principles of Zoology 5 CHEM 400 General Chemistry I 5 CHEM 401 General Chemistry II 5 CHEM 5 CHEM Organic Chemistry 5 CHEM 421 Organic Chemistry II 5 PSYC 335 Research Methods in Psychology 3 Minimum of 3 units of the following: or tests dates.

3 ANTH 302 Cultural Anthropology (3) SOC 300 Introduction to Sociology (3) Social Sciences 302 Social problems (3) ECON 302 Principles of Macroeconomics (3) ECON 302 Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics (3) PSYC 300 General Principles (3) Total Units: Earn your degree in your own time. 47. Learn and take your tests at any time, It is possible to earn the Nutrition Science Associate with Science (A.S.) qualification is awarded upon finishing the required course as well as general education requirements. all day or at evening.

It is also possible to obtain enough electives to fulfill 60 units total. Affordable tuition, Learn more about FLC qualifications for graduation. unique structure. Student Learning Outcomes. Pay a single, When the program is completed After completing this course, low-cost fee per term of six months and take any courses you want at no additional cost. the student can: Our tuition is much less expensive than that of other institutions. analyze the effects of biochemical, Get your degree faster, chemical microbiological, and you can earn your degree with less. physiological, The fewer times you have to finish your classes more quickly you will receive your diploma. and chemical disciplines in affecting the metabolism of the body’s nutrients and food elements throughout digestion, At WGU the majority of students get their master’s degrees in only six months. absorption metabolism, A great reputation and excellent results. and excretion. The majority of employers believe that WGU graduates exceed or meet their expectations. Combine the behavioral, WGU graduates earn more by an average of $18,200 in the two years of graduating. biological and socioeconomic factors in relation to nutrition intakes and demands throughout life. BUSINESS.

Analyze the nutritional standards and assessment results for making informed decisions. Healthcare and Nursing. identify the functions and interrelations of nutrients and food items in the health of people, TEACHING. disease prevention and the development of disease. BUSINESS. Utilize the ability to think critically to find how to interpret,

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